Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Essence of Love

Dnt knw how to start, where to start but i think all will come down to 1 main point i.e. "LOVE"
Yeah luv a gr8 feeling 4 nything spl wich is greater whn with human and greatest when with opp. sex people. Life always cum across such situation where evry single thing that we do become spl and it always luks diffrent as if we do in normal life, sum diffrent kind of feeling, feeling like only two people exists in this world, watching each other without closing eyes for a long time, 24*7 thinking of that person, making imaginary pictures and 1000 more things that is unwritable or unexpressable.
Feelings grows rapidly day by day till when you got addicted. Yeah addicted to speak with the person, addicted to hear, addicted to touch & addicted to be with the person. People says addiction is bad we cant get rid from that, it hurts wen the person leave you. How weird we people become we started thinking those thing we dont want and generarting negative vibes around us that it lead to the thing happen that we dont want, then we blame there is no true luv, people who luves never meet. How you can get a flower if u asked for a thorn.

"Itni Shiddat se maine tujhe paane ki koshish ki hai; ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saajish ki hain”



Monday, June 6, 2011


Na hoti ye mohabbat
na dil hazaro tutate
na wo kafa hote
na wo hamse rutate
na hota ye dar ki kho na dun unhe kahin
na yu dube hote unki soch me har pal kahi
na chah hoti unhe tut kar chahne ki
na soch hoti unhe is kadar pane ki
na hota yeh alam na hota ye sama
na aate ye mod na choot-ta ye jahan
bas ek saans me kehdiya tumne ki "Hum nahi the tab bhi to tumhari zindagi thi"
kaash Zindgi hone aur jeene ka fark bi samjha jate
jate jate tum bin jeena aur sikha jate.....

Human addiction is incurable